Breastfeeding in Public?…Inappropriate!

I had been waiting all day yesterday for some time to post this. I was watching the Wendy Williams Show yesterday and they put a picture of a young mother breast feeding her baby at her graduation. So three of her guess and herself went on to bashing this girl for being inappropriate and talking about how she should have pumped before she left the house or why she didn’t just hand the baby over to the father for a bottle. They just went on and on about how there being a time and place and how she was taking away from her graduation by breastfeeding her baby. “There is a time and a place” they said!! There is a time and a place to be hungry? Really? Because last I checked we all get hungry whenever we need to eat regardless of where we are. Her baby should not have choose the graduation to get hungry because that is not the time or the place to be hungry.

Walking down the sidewalk eating? Is that the time and the place?

Eating in your car? Is that the time and the place?

Eating in your office for lunch? Is that the tine and the place?

How about outside at a food vendor? Is that the time and the place?

Please do tell me where is this magical time and place to feed our children!

i mean you have to be kidding me. How ignorant does a human being have to be to go as far to practically say breastfeeding. a baby can ruin a graduation? One of the woman said she breastfeed her four children. She should be taking a stand not putting women down. Maybe she felt intimidated. I don’t know but just drives me crazy knowing that women could be catty, petty, and ignorant towards each other. People saying things like that is what makes some moms ashamed to breastfeed in public. That’s why some moms feel the need to cover there babies up or go to the bathroom to breastfeed. I wish those people who judge women for breastfeeding in public would try to eat with a blanket over their head or in a public bathroom for a day.

We were created with breast to feed our babies not to please men. Our breast are the original bottles and pacifiers. That’s why the tip of a bottle and a pacifier is called a nipple. They wouldn’t cover their babies head while feeding their baby in public with a bottle or hide away in the bathroom. So why is it that people are so ignorant about breastfeeding.


Its ok…

for a Victoria Secret ad to be seen publicly in a mall and on tv where there are children walking around.

for a celebrity to wear a see through dress and be photographed for the entire world to see and be called a fashion icon

for a women to wear a bikini with her breast hanging out

for women in music videos to shake their stuff almost naked

…but its not acceptable when…

a mom wants, no no, NEEDS to breastfeed their child in a restaurant

a mom needs to soothe her crying baby

a baby is hungry and NEEDS to eat

Oh how dare we feed our babies in PUBLIC!!!?? How dare our child be hungry when we are not home! How dare that lady not take her infant/toddler to that filthy, stinky public bathroom to eat!? Right? How dare she not put a blanket over her baby to cover up while he’s eating? Because we all know how bad eating in public can be.

I mean seriously why are these people who have such a strong opinion about not breastfeeding in public, just not looking away? No one is telling you to stare. If it bothers you that much don’t look.

We are just feeding our children!


Feeling Defeated


Somedays I feel like I have completely failed my baby. As much as I’ve tried and struggled along the way to breastfeed. I have failed. I feel bipolar at times for feeling so happy that we have a breastfeeding relationship. Then my emotions come crashing down when I start struggling to get the Lact-aid tube positioned just right for her to get milk as she is screaming. Sometimes it works fine and other times we end up crying together.
I’m just not ready to let go of our breastfeeding relationship and even though its not enough I am giving her breast milk and that is good for her. I pray in hopes for some sort of miracle and everydkay I am hopeful and thankful that I can offer some. 
My hubby is always very reassuring that I am not a failure when I cry about god giving us breast for our babies and mine don’t work but I cant overlook the fact that medically women who can not provide 100% of the milk needed by their babies are called lactation failures.
If I were to stop now I would be devastated. My baby nurses to sleep, for comfort, for naps, when we cuddle in bed. I just feel so overwhelmed and bad when I can’t get that tube right in her mouth or sometimes when I am rushing to get the Lact-aid ready for a feeding. Maybe using the Lact-aid would get easier and if I stop now I will never know. I have tons of thoughts running through my head


One of the most overwhelming is thinking one day I might have a full supply. Its positive thinking but foolish as well because if in 2 and a half months I haven’t had a full supply I don’t think it will happen. I should be more grateful I know but some days are just though.

No one ever tells you how hard breastfeeding could be.