My Lact-aid Nursing Trainer


Making it more visible for the picture

First I want to start off with, WOW this and the Medela sns are like night and day. I offer the Lact-aid hands down.
Anyway, here I am breastfeeding little Mia with the Lact-aid. I have been using it for 3 days today and so far I love it because it doesn’t leak, its not bulky or hard, has one tube, and best of all is discreet. Its been a bit tricky for me to latch her on with the tube in the right place because this one can really go on the side but I am getting the hang of it. Mia doesn’t seem to mind as long as she gets to nurse.


Laying down with Lact-aid tucked under my shirt and no tape

I have yet to try using it in public but I’m sure I will have plenty of time to try because this is a long weekend and next weekend we are going to New York.
I am looking forward to see if it increases my milk supply at all.


The Morning Pump


Lefty is an under achiever

Let me start of by saying to 2oz is the max I have ever pumped and usually only in morning. This is what I pumped today at 8:00am before our morning feed. Why pump before a feeding you may ask? Well I received my Lact-aid yesterday morning and wanted to put my BM into the Lact-aid and further stimulate my production. I also hadn’t been checking on my pump output and wanted to make sure it hasn’t tank any further, which it hasn’t. There could possibly be a slight increase because even though I usually get 2oz its usually 1oz each. Getting a bit less at times from lefty is normal for me but more than an 1oz is not the norm.

Giving pumping a second chance


Pumping hands free with my DIY hands free sports bra for the first time.

Ok, so I had given up pumping about 2 weeks ago because it was really stressing me out. Pumping consistently and always getting 1oz or less, with the exception of morning pumps which I would get about 2oz.
Last night I asked DH to stop in at Walmart and get me a sports bra and he came home with a 2 pack. This morning I cut little holes on the nipple area to get some hands free pumping going. What can I say? Well pumping hands free is much less stressful then joggling the pump with my arm and hands.

I was able to pump almost 2oz (I had comfort nursed Mia about 15 minutes prior) and I usually get 2oz in the am pump. Being hands free allowed me to do compressions and massage for more milk flow.

My Medela Supplemental Nursing System


Using my SNS on the 2nd while out and about.

After 2 months of struggling with trying to get my milk supply up, I have come to terms with not being able to exclusively breastfeed. I finally gave in and ordered the Medela SNS. I am using it to save our breastfeeding relationship, not to increase my milk supply but if it does i wont complain.


First day using the SNS. Second time.

So far using the SNS is a bit of a PITA because it leaks and it has to be positioned a specific way. Besides that I love that I can keep her at the breast for full feedings. Instead of doing breast then bottle. This way we are able to avoid flow preference, which she was showing a bit of. Now I see why women say they have a love/hate relationship with their SNS.

I received the Medela SNS, May 17th, and by, May 19th, decided to order the original at breast nursing supplement system. I ordered the Lact-aid because it is much more discreet and reviews stat that it does not leak. I am super excited to receive it and will post about it for sure.

In the beginning




Her is Mia less then 1 day old.

No one ever tells you you might not be able to breast feed exclusively. I had my second child, Mia on March 15. I had planned on breast feeding before my husband and I even started planning to concieve our second.

I breastfeed our son Jayden, which is now 5 for 3 months. Having being 19, I listened to a lot of bad advice, gave formula and weaned him after getting a stomach virus and everyone suggested I stop so he wouldnt get it and I did and he got it anyway. Hes was admitted for it.


Mia 4 days old in the ICU.

Anyway, back to Mia. She was a 37 weeker, which I was not anticipating at all. She had jaundice, was terribly sleepy with a very week suck. At birth her weight was 5lbs 9oz and by day 4 had lost a whole pound. Now she was 4lbs 9oz. Very dehydrated in the ER she had an very bad vitals and was rushed to the ICU. There she was put under photographic therapy.

She remained admitted for 5 more days and in those 5 days I was offered a pump but no one knew how to use it. I requested a lactation consultant a couple times and she never showed. Still breastfeeding while there, I was thinking she was stimulating my supply enough. Boy was I wrong.

Lets fast forward to 3 weeks postpartum. She was not gaining weight and it was suggested I give a little formula after most feeds.  I was extremly down on myself for not being able to exclusivley breastfeed.

While on some formula she gained weight. Now at 8 weeks, I’ve tried everything I have read and been told to increase my milk supply with not much luck.