Breastfeeding Relationship Love

image Even though I need to use a Lact-aid to help me breastfeed, we share a bond and a love that is indescribable. If I had to give a couple words… Pure, kind, precious, & beautiful, to say the very least. image I wish I could exclusively breastfeed but we had a rough start. Mia loves to nurse and I cherish every moment. Here are some picture of us breastfeeding through our 2 and a half month journey. image image image image image image image


One thought on “Breastfeeding Relationship Love

  1. She is so beautiful! There is nothing cuter than a baby nursing. It’s like the only thing they can do, and they take it super seriously. I love all the little nuances of it. Like when they think they are tough and shake their head back and forth all angry before they latch, or when they are really sleepy and trying I keep their eyes open but just can’t… So many special moments just between mommy and baby. What a blessing to be a mom.

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