Park and Boobs


My precious gifts from god

Yesterday (Memorial Day) we returned from our trip to New Jersey and decided to have a nice little picnic. So we packed up the kids, and I made some sandwiches and we hit the road.
I am much more comfortable nursing in public now even while using the Lact-aid so I feel more free. I also feel like we have more of a real breastfeeding relationship with the Lact-aid compared to the sns.


Watching JJ in the playground

While Mia, daddy, and I sat there chatting eating sandwiches and watching Jayden play, I breastfeed and Mia seemed to be enjoying the breeze along with the site of the trees waving.


Mia and daddy

The hubby got to spend a bit more time with little Ms, Missy. He works very hard so that I can stay home with the kids and times like this are precious to us.





At the end of all the fun


3 thoughts on “Park and Boobs

  1. looks like a great day! She looks very happy nursing. Isn’t it just the most special thing in the world, even if we need a little help. Its worth all the work of cleaning those straws!

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