My Lact-aid Nursing Trainer


Making it more visible for the picture

First I want to start off with, WOW this and the Medela sns are like night and day. I offer the Lact-aid hands down.
Anyway, here I am breastfeeding little Mia with the Lact-aid. I have been using it for 3 days today and so far I love it because it doesn’t leak, its not bulky or hard, has one tube, and best of all is discreet. Its been a bit tricky for me to latch her on with the tube in the right place because this one can really go on the side but I am getting the hang of it. Mia doesn’t seem to mind as long as she gets to nurse.


Laying down with Lact-aid tucked under my shirt and no tape

I have yet to try using it in public but I’m sure I will have plenty of time to try because this is a long weekend and next weekend we are going to New York.
I am looking forward to see if it increases my milk supply at all.


4 thoughts on “My Lact-aid Nursing Trainer

  1. I lost the necklace thing that came with it early on. My remedy was just what you are doing. I always wear a tight shirt or a tank top and place it in the fold of my pulled up shirt. It seems to always slip to the corner of his mouth but still seems to work there.

    Using it in public is always interesting. I will be talking with someone while breastfeeding, covered up. When I am done and pull out an empty, very foreign looking bag people get the funniest looks on their faces. I can imagine how confused they are. Sometimes I just let them stay that way, depending on how much time I have. Even when I explain what an SNS is in great detail some people are still very confused. Haha, Oh well, I consider it my civil duty to spread awareness ( ;

    • Lol I haven’t used it to public yet just in the car but I am looking forward to see people’s reactions. While out I have been wearing a tank under whatever shirt I have on. I pull down the under shirt to expose the breast and then fold the top shirt to put the Lact-aid in the top shirts fold and I use the top shirt to cover a bit. I was using a cover everywhere but the baby was getting sweaty and fussy so I only use it if I am at my in laws or around my brothers at my mothers house out of respect.

  2. I am so glad this is working for you! I read your story and i’s breaking my heart that someone like you, who really wants to give their child the best, has to go through that much. Then you have those mothers , who don’t want to “deal” with it and put baby on formula right away an then complain that they can’t get rid of their milk! Not fair, really. Fingers crossed for you and Mia!
    May I use your story in one of my future posts? I want to write a lot about breastfeeding.

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