My Medela Supplemental Nursing System


Using my SNS on the 2nd while out and about.

After 2 months of struggling with trying to get my milk supply up, I have come to terms with not being able to exclusively breastfeed. I finally gave in and ordered the Medela SNS. I am using it to save our breastfeeding relationship, not to increase my milk supply but if it does i wont complain.


First day using the SNS. Second time.

So far using the SNS is a bit of a PITA because it leaks and it has to be positioned a specific way. Besides that I love that I can keep her at the breast for full feedings. Instead of doing breast then bottle. This way we are able to avoid flow preference, which she was showing a bit of. Now I see why women say they have a love/hate relationship with their SNS.

I received the Medela SNS, May 17th, and by, May 19th, decided to order the original at breast nursing supplement system. I ordered the Lact-aid because it is much more discreet and reviews stat that it does not leak. I am super excited to receive it and will post about it for sure.


10 thoughts on “My Medela Supplemental Nursing System

  1. I’m new to WordPress too and seem to be constantly confused and trying to figure something out. Anyways, seeing how well you are doing pumping I was wondering if you have had a lactation consultant watch you nurse to assess your latch. If you are able to pump that much you have plenty of milk to feed a small baby. For some reason she just may not be able to access the milk.

    • I do have a LC and she has a great latch she just started off with a very weak suck because she was so sleepy but since she never emptied out my breast my supply stayed very low. That output is only in the morning and middle of the night. I am able to fully breastfeed through the night but not through the day. So I make much less during the day. I am only using the Lact-aid during the day. The Lact-aid could possibly increase my supply because she is suckling much longer rather then suckling a few minutes and getting a bottle.

    • I fixed my site, my name wasn’t linking to my blog before. It’s better now ( :

      It sounds like you are on the right track. I think you are going to get your supply up as she gets stronger and get used to the idea of getting food from your breast. They learn quickly where the food comes from and will get frustrated at the breast if they are used to a heavy flow of milk.

      I would recommend, if your not already to try and nurse her of as long as she will before giving her the sns.

      The lact aid did not increase my supply. But I now know that I have a condition where I just don’t have enough milk glands. The glands I do have make milk, but I will never be able to exclusively breast feed. So I use the sns so that my babies can get some breast milk and for bonding. I know that if I didn’t use it they would quickly give up on the hard work of nursing all together and only except the bottle. So it is what it is.

      • That’s exactly why I ordered the sns to start of with. She was started to get fussy really fast at the breast because she knew she would get a bottle but she hasn’t gotten a bottle in almost a week.
        Yeap I feed with the Lact-aid first, when she is getting a bit fussy or stops swallowing I latch her on with the Lact-aid.
        Oh I see, well the bonding is very beautiful every if its using a little help because I feel happier now that we are together longer rather than using the bottle. Even though I didn’t purchase the Lact-aid or sns with increasing my supply in mind, it would be great.

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